COVID-19 is our Holy Saturday

Everyone keeps saying that on Holy Saturday “nothing happens.” But that’s not true! While it is true that the Bible does not give any narrative about this day in the life of Jesus’ disciples, leaving us to imagine that they were likely huddled away sheltering in place in their homes behind closed doors, it doesContinue reading “COVID-19 is our Holy Saturday”

An Unexpected Journey

Who of us, even a couple months ago, would have guessed our global situation today? When Lent began, on Feb 26th, I was full steam preparing for a long awaited ministry trip of speaking engagements in New Zealand and Australia. After more than 5 years of communication, and 2 years of concrete planning with theContinue reading “An Unexpected Journey”

Eugene Peterson: he pastored me into pastoring

Eugene Peterson’s death this past week has affected me in ways I hadn’t anticipated. First of all, I did not expect it to come so soon. Our family had traveled to Montana in July and spent an afternoon with Jan and Eugene and, while he was weak and showing signs of dementia, there was alsoContinue reading “Eugene Peterson: he pastored me into pastoring”

Preaching is Dangerous: Two good people (at least) left my church because of my last sermon

Two good people.  They were regulars, for years.  But one sermon sent them packing.  What happened?  I decided to be direct, to take on a poorly supported, terribly exegeted, yet popular view among many Christians.  I rejected it and suggested it was a dangerous view.  They didn’t like that, so they left. Of course, IContinue reading “Preaching is Dangerous: Two good people (at least) left my church because of my last sermon”

How did Grace become a pharmaceutical?

My heart and mind are bursting with enthusiasm today after having two separate sessions with two different groups discussing my book on Grace and its implications for life and ministry.  My purpose with these groups is to prove the truthfulness of what Eugene Peterson said to me once, “All theology is experience-able.”  This should particularlyContinue reading “How did Grace become a pharmaceutical?”

Interview with “Trinity in you” (Part 3)

James: In your assessment do Evangelicals need to re-discover Trinitarian grace and participation or do they have a robust theology of life and Christian living? Geordie: Evangelical theology, with all of its strengths, has some significant lacks when it comes to how we think and speak about sanctification because we haven’t grounded it in aContinue reading “Interview with “Trinity in you” (Part 3)”